Samothrace Begin UK Tour This Wednesday

By on 25 April 2016


Crushing US doom quartet Samothrace begin their UK tour this Wednesday in Manchester, before calling at Nottingham, Liverpool, London’s Desertfest, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Hull, Leicester, Newcastle, Stoke, Ramsgate, Canterbury and Leeds over the next fortnight.

Samothrace really stand on their own amidst the current doom landscape, conjuring an atmosphere so thick and tangible you could cut out a slice and sink a modestly sized vessel with it. The interplay between vocalist Brian Spinks and Renata Castagna’s guitars plays a large part in creating this sonic presence, with the pair bouncing immeasurable, droning riffs and  stirring melodic leads off against each other. After a frankly stunning demo in 2007, their debut ‘Life’s Trade’ didn’t dissapoint one iota, and their latest full-length ‘Reverence To Stone’ contains one re-recorded demo track and the new opus, ‘A Horse Of Our Own’, which could well be their most stunning piece so far. Breath-taking in scope, the 20 minute odyssey covers a lot of ground, ranging from the absolutely crushing to the sublime, with delicate bluesy licks spiralling out of the aether amidst floods of sultry chords. It’s kind of like sitting out on a picturesque porch in an old rocking chair and watching the Sun slowly collide into the Earth, obliterating your surroundings and turning all your cherished memories into dust, but leaving you with a warm, emphatic glow nonetheless.

If you dig the cathartic soundscapes of bands like Thou, Asunder, Lycus or Neurosis, then this is a band you need in your life. Their live show promises to be just as enveloping as their recorded output too; just wrap your ears around their recent ‘Live At Roadburn’ release and then figure out how many of these shows you’re going to be able to make it too…

The full list of tour dates is as follows:

April 27: Star And Garter, Manchester, with Wort and Kurokuma (Facebook Event Page)
April 28: The Chameleon, Nottingham, with Torpor and Bismuth (Facebook Event Page)
April 29: Constellations, Liverpool, with Russian Circles and The Bendal Interlude (Facebook Event Page)
April 30: Desertfest, London (Facebook Event Page)
May 2: Rainbow Cellars, Birmingham, with Boss Keloid, The Moth, Soden and Gevaudan (Facebook Event Page)
May 3: Downstairs, Aberdeen, with Drencher and Mares Of Diomedes (Facebook Event Page)
May 4: Bannerman’s, Edinburgh, with The Moth, Headless Kross, Conjurerand Mares Of Diomedes (Facebook Event Page)
May 5: Gorilla Studios, Hull, with Battalions, No Nothings and Grim Reefer (Facebook Event Page)
May 6: Firebug, Leicester, with Mage, Garganjua and Greenhorn (Facebook Event Page)
May 7: Northumberland Arms, Newcastle
May 8: The Rigger, Stoke, with Space Witch and Silverchild (Facebook Event Page)
May 9: TBA, Ramsgate
May 10: Lady Luck, Canterbury, with OHHMS, Avenge Thee + Naime and Hooden (Facebook Event Page)
May 11: Temple Of Boom, Leeds, with Kurokuma, Corinth and Groak (Facebook Event Page)

You can find Samothrace on Facebook

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