Roadburn Festival Announces More Bands, Talks, Listening Sessions & Poster Exhibition

By on 16 March 2017

Just when you thought Roadburn 2017 couldn’t look any more enticing, the festival has unveiled even more artists for this year’s event (including cathartic post-metallers Amenra, lo-fi black metal duo Folteraar and Razors In The Night, a new project featuring members of Baroness and Neurosis paying tribute to ’80s hardcore punk), in addition to a whole host of panel discussions, listening sessions, live interviews and a poster exhibition featuring work from John Baizley, Jacob Bannon, Arik Roper and many more.

We’re sure these new additions will sit comfortably amongst previously announced artists like Ulver, Warning, Mysticum, Chelsea Wolfe, Deafheaven, The Bug and Dylan Carlson, two special sets from SubRosa, Pallbearer, Ash Borer, Crippled Black Phoenix, dälek, Ahab (playing all of their classic debut album ‘The Call Of The Wretched Sea’ in full), Zhrine, Auðn, Aluk Todolo (playing latest album ‘Voix’ in full), Zu, Inter Arma, Leif Edling’s The Doomsday Kingdom, Wretch, Slomatics, Woe, Ultha, Emptiness, etc. Amenra have built a reputation for being a truly formidable live band in recent years, and Folteraar’s Iron Bonehead debut ‘Vertellingen Van Een Donkere Eeuw’ is one of the creepiest, eeriest lo-fi black metal records we’ve heard in a long time. As for Razors In The Night, here’s what Baroness frontman John Baizley (and this year’s curator) had to say about the project:

“For a few years now, a few of my friends and I have been talking about creating a special set for Roadburn; a covers set that pays homage to the seminal music we listened to and played, long before we started playing heavy music, or metal. Music which, however buried it is within the current sounds of our bands, is in fact the life’s blood and beating heart of what we do.

“Music that was an critical guidepost regarding how we approach our music, our art, and the world at large. Music that taught us to question everything, settle for nothing, and encouraged us to follow each of our own individual ambitions and directions, regardless of how contradictory they may have seemed to those around us.

“Without punk, there would be no Baroness, no Neurosis; and I know so many other bands out there that come form the same place. Though it’s style was, at times simplistic and blunt, punk’s ideology and musical execution was at heart sophisticated, straightforward, no-bullshit; and it spoke to that purely instinctual part of us, which often needed a powerful and effective tool to help us express ourselves in a world we often felt at-odds with.

“Scott Kelly (Neurosis /   Corrections House), Pete Adams (Baroness /  Valkyrie), and Marek Sarba (Insuiciety / Baroness & Neurosis Road-monster), and I are thrilled to be playing a set of our favorite classic punk songs on the Het Patronaat stage on April 22.

“For those of you familiar with classic 80’s punk, you will almost certainly know these songs, please come out and sing along with us – its always been about community. And for those of you unfamiliar with that era of punk, please come check out a cross-section of those songs and bands that defined our early years of musical discovery. You don’t need to tune down to be heavy.”

Baizley will also be teaming up with Burlesque of North America (BRLSQ)  for ‘Full Bleed’, an exhibition of silkscreened poster art from Becky Cloonan, Arik Roper, Jacob Bannon, Richey Beckett, Thomas Hooper, Zbigniew M. Bielak, Marald Van Haasteren, Darko Groenhagen and Baizley himself. You can find info on that here.

Here’s the times for Roadburn’s side programme too, featuring a whole host of extra-curricular goodies to get stuck in to, like a listening session for Sólstafir‘s new album, and live interviews with the likes of Coven and My Dying Bride, hosted by our very own José Carlos Santos.

Amazingly, there are still tickets too, so make sure you grab one whilst you still can and join us at the front…

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