RIP Chuck Schuldiner. Ten years gone, always remembered.

By on 13 December 2011

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the sad passing of legendary Death guitarist and death metal pioneer Chuck Schuldiner.

On December 13 2001, the father of death metal lost his battle with a brain tumour. Extreme music lost one its most individual, most forward-thinking and most talented voices.

In the time since he died, heavy music has changed immensely, but the albums Chuck made with Death have stood the test of time, as they will continue to do, and his legacy as one of the most creative heavy metal has seen is intact, and will remain so. Those classic albums, from the ferocity of ‘Scream Bloody Gore’ through to the maturity and intelligence of ‘The Sound Of Perseverance’ and everything in between, remain some of the most brilliant records you’ll ever hear.

Chuck Schuldiner’s memory lives on, even if he is no longer with us. We remember. We will always remember. And we still miss him.

RIP Chuck Schuldiner, 1967-2001

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