Pig Destroyer: “What grindcore’s supposed to be!”

By on 16 October 2012

In the latest issue, Virginian grindcore veterans Pig Destroyer recently sat down with Terrorizer to talk about their latest slab of violent riffery ‘Book Burner’.

Amongst other things, the one thing frontman J.R. Hayes is adament about is what makes good grindcore. He comments:

“There’s a lot of bands that are heavy, but they want to be epic heavy, or classic heavy metal heavy, but I’m thinking more in terms of powerviolence heavy, where you can feel that anger. Knives coming for your face. That’s what grindcore’s supposed to be.”

Pig Destroyer play The Haunt in Brighton on November 1, The Garage in London on November 2 and Damnation festival in Leeds on November 3

‘Book Burner’ is out October 22 on Relapse

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