Pig Destroyer Announce New Bassist

By on 23 October 2013


In news that may surprise many of you out there, grindcore legends Pig Destroyer have just announced that they will be welcoming a bassist into their ranks.

Pig Destroyer originally started out as a three piece, featuring riff master Scott Hull on guitar, Brian Harvey on drums and the inimitable J.R. Hayes on vocals. This lineup released three albums, including 2001’s grind masterpiece ‘Prowler In The Yard’ and 2004’s incendiary ‘Terrifyer’, before expanding into a four piece in 2006 with the addition of Blake Harrison on electronics.

The last few years have seen even more changes in the Pig Destroyer camp, as Misery Index drummer Adam Jarvis replaced Brian Harvey for last year’s ferocious ‘Book Burner’, and now, for the first time ever, the band will be expanding to a quintet with the addition of bassist John Jarvis.

Terrorizer got in touch with Scott Hull to find out more about this new member of the band…

After so many years of remaining bass-less, why did you decide to welcome a bassist into the fold now?
Scott Hull: “Well, the biggest reason we DIDN’T have a bass player, or another guitarist, for so many years was that we just didn’t want the added complication of someone having to learn lines that I’d already written. Additionally, we just didn’t want to have another person in the band because it adds complexity; travel arrangements for shows, space in a van/bus. . .etc etc.  As the years progressed, we just thought “well we’ve gone this far without anyone else, why bother introducing a new headache now?”  But honestly, I’ve been wanting to broaden the scope of our music for quite some time.  It would be very difficult, for instance, to really do some Jesus Lizard-y type of material without a bass player, but we want to bring that sound into our material somewhat as well as some other styles that would really require a bassist, so that really made us think about it seriously. Luckily, the bass player we chose is a really good fit technically and personality-wise.  He gets where we are at and knows we are picky about what we do and when, so he wont get impatient that we aren’t touring 200 days out of the year.

Who’s the lucky guy / gal? Would we recognise them from any other musical endeavours?
Scott Hull: “John Jarvis actually also plays bass in Fulgora, a band you might have heard about because they also have Adam Jarvis from PD and Misery Index. John is Adam’s cousin, so it was really easy to get an idea of how John would fit in from Adam.”

Does this mean you’ll be retroactively adding bass lines to your old classics when playing live?
Scott Hull: “Yep, we’ve been doing that. And for the most part, it’s added some real depth to the tracks, which is exciting. In some cases, like for the songs ‘Terrifyer’ and ‘Starbelly’, it’s really changed them altogether. It’s very cool. I feel like we kinda reinvigorated ourselves when Adam came into the band, and we’re kinda doing it again with John. Change is good.”

How will this affect your current stage set-up?
Scott Hull: “Well, since 2007, we’ve gone from being a 3 piece to a five piece, so how that works out on stage will be anyone’s guess. Our first gig will be at the HHF this weekend and I still dont think we’ve discussed who is going to be standing where.”

What does the future have in store for Pig Destroyer?
Scott Hull: “More racket in the form of CDs (if CDs are still being pressed when we get around to recording again) and live shows. A couple of split EPs are looming in the air. Nothing definitive as of yet however.”

You can find Pig Destroyer on Facebook.

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