Ommadon & Legion Of Andromeda To Tour UK Next Month

By on 27 May 2016


Scottish drone/doom duo Ommadon have joined forces with Japanese industrial metal two-piece Legion Of Andromeda for a UK tour next month, calling at Plymouth, Nottingham, Leeds,Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Oxford and London. There are still two dates to be filled on the tour, so if you fancy bringing some crushing riffery to your home town, you know what to do…

Ommadon are adept at cultivating humongous walls of noise, as their thick, oppressive sound makes full use of impossibly weighty drones and riffs that feel almost infinite. Their latest self-titled opus was once again mastered by the mighty Billy Anderson (Sleep, Eyehategod, High On Fire etc), and is arguably their heaviest release so far. According to the band themselves, the album is self-titled because…

…this is what we set out to be from the beginning. This is not entertainment. This is not easy listening. Ommadon is pure and primitive heaviness. Ommadon is the outcast, the fallen angel, the darkness. Ommadon is the darkness which we are told to fear, to avert our eyes and cower from, to candy coat the suffering, the decay, and the death which give life meaning. Ommadon is the intolerable agony, the paralysing misery, and the stifling alienation, which make us who we are.

Ommadon does not submit to the simplification of the horror and the beauty of existence into a world of positivity and negativity where we feel nothing but simulations of what happiness could be like or terror that sadness may disrupt our mass stupor. Ommadon embraces the dark, not as a manufactured rebellion or infantile inversion of stories of good and evil to which we must submit ourselves. Ommadon allows us to reinvent ourselves by destroying what we believe we hold dear but which only slows our steps. Ommadon is for those who know that in fearing death, one fears life, sleepwalking through life, waiting to die.

Ommadon is for those who know that only in facing and loving death can you live freely. Ommadon is the world and the world is Ommadon.

Check it out below…

Meanwhile, Legion Of Andromeda’s Steve Albini produced debut ‘Iron Scorn’ was probably one of 2015’s most minimal and primitive metal releases. Propelled by one punishing electronic drum beat and a barrage of barbaric downtuned riffs, it’s a stubborn and uncompromising opus that nestles somewhere between Godflesh’s industrial stomp, Mortician’s brutal, palm-muted chug and Von’s aggressively single-minded approach, and it’s probably going to sound totally devastating live.

To commemorate the tour, At War With False Noise will be releasing a tour-exclusive, full-length split CD titled ‘Crumbling Existance’, featuring one new Ommadon tracks and three from Legion Of Andromeda, all mastered by James Plotkin. Good luck being able to actually listen to the damn thing after having your eardrums pulped at one of these shows, however…

The full list of tour dates is as follows:

Saturday, June 25: TBC (Email if you’re able to help out)
Sunday, June 26: Plymouth, Underground (Facebook event page)
Monday, June 27: Nottingham, The Chameleon (Facebook event page)
Tuesday, June 28: TBC (Email if you’re able to help out)
Wednesday, June 29: Leeds, Chunk (Facebook event page)
Thursday, June 30: Glasgow, Nice N Sleazy
Friday, July 1: Newcastle, Head Of Steam (Facebook event page)
Saturday, July 2: Liverpool, Maguire’s Pizza Bar (Facebook event page)
Sunday, July 3rd: Edinburgh, The Banshee Labyrinth (Facebook Event Page)
Monday, July 4th: Oxford, The Wheatsheaf
Tuesday, July 5th: London, The Unicorn (Facebook event page)

You can find Ommadon and Legion Of Andromeda on Facebook

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