Oceano split up

By on 5 January 2012

Oceano, one of the most crushing and powerful bands of the deathcore movement are to split up.

Say what you like about deathcore, but Oceano have been fantastic. 2010’s ‘Contagion’ was devastatingly heavy, and they’ve been one of the style’s shining lights. But now it seems, no longer.

Vocalist Adam Warren posted earlier today that he was leaving the band to be a father to his son, and the band have since announced on their Facebook page: “Just to clear everything up, Oceano is NOT looking for a new singer. New England Metal and Hardcore Festival will be one of the last Oceano shows ever, and yes, Adam will be there. Thanks for all of your support.”

Sad news. So long, Oceano. It’s been fun, and we wish you well in whatever you do in the future. Peace.

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