By on 22 July 2011


Brooklyn trad-metal band Natur have been picked for Fenriz’s famous Band of the Week blog, and played at the Live Evil festival in London last year. Now they’ve signed to Earache records, and they’re excited about it!

“Yeah we’re excited, definitely,” says Damian ‘Mexicutioner’, the band’s bass player. “Excited to put out a full-length finally. Earache is a label that doesn’t blow,” he quips. Master of understatement, obviously. Touring will certainly be a lot easier with the backing of a label as big as Earache too. “Definitely,” says Damian, “we wanna see the world. Including London and England!”

So what could be next now that the band are going up in the world? “Record an album. Play more and tour. Get better!” Whatever else the band lack, it ain’t ambition. Congrats for landing the deal, chaps!

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