Melvins To Celebrate 30th Anniversary By Touring Australia With Helmet

By on 6 December 2013


Sludge godfathers the Melvins turn 30 this year, and so to celebrate they’re kicking off an Australian tour tonight with New York’s groove metal legends Helmet in support.

Yep, it’s been a full three decades since vocalist and Riff Master General Buzz Osbourne teamed up with bassist and drummer Matt Lukin and Matt Dillard respectively, before recruiting skin beater extraordinaire Dale Crover in 1984, and the rest, as they say, is history. Evidently there were no hard feelings for the original lineup, as Dillard joined the band for this year’s barnstorming new record ‘Tres Cabrones’, with Crover picking up the bass guitar and flexing his groove muscle.

Helmet, on the other hand, are also grizzled veterans in their own right. The band have been playing their own distinctive, muscular groove metal since 1989, putting their offbeat time signatures and dense chords to tape and releasing 7 studio albums and touring the world constantly. The band are arguably one of the most influential proponents of that whole early ’90s ‘alt-rock’ thing, alongside, erm, the Melvins. Funny that, eh?

Osborne had this to say about the tour:

“Has it really only been 30 years? Dang!  Thanks to everyone who’s been there for us!  It’s been an exciting trip and I probably should have listened and learned more.  I apologize for anything I’ve ever done wrong and for anything I’m going to do wrong… Ha!”

Meanwhile, Helmet frontman Page Hamilton seems pleased as punch to be hitting the road with the Melvins once again, adding:

“The first Melvins/Helmet tour was in 1991 or ’92; the 4 Helmet guys and 3 Melvins guys piled in one van with 2 bands worth of gear and braved massive snowstorms and overnight drives. Needless to say we are looking forward to our Australian tour with our long-time friends minus the overnight drives, blizzards and floor surfing.”

The full list of tour dates is as follows:

December 6th – Metropolis, Fremantle *

December 8th – Hi Fi, Brisbane

December 9th – Northern Hotel, Byron Bay

December 11th – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

December 12th – Anu Bar, Canberra

December 13th – Meredith Music Festival *

December 14th – Meredith Music Festival **

December 15th – Hi Fi, Sydney

December 16th – The Gov, Adelaide

December 17th – Hi Fi, Melbourne *

December 18th – Hi Fi, Melbourne **


You can find the Melvins and Helmet on Facebook.

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