Meads Of Asphodel head to Auschwitz to research new album

By on 7 September 2011

Meads Of Aphodel mainman Metatron is heading to Poland in November to research their next album at Auschwitz.

The new album will be entitled ‘Sonderkommando’, and will examine the Holocaust from the point of those workers who had to remove the bodies from the gas chambers and cremate them- the Jewish Sonderkommando.

Metatron is to record narratives and parts of the actual album on the site of the death camp, one of the most notorious locations in the industrial-scale murder carried out by the Nazis. The album is said to “focus on the inhumanity of humanity, on the death camps and the surrounding nations [to their shame] who systematically embraced this indiscriminate slaughter of unarmed civilians.”

Metatron has said: “Maybe some things are best forgotten, maybe unspoken. Then again, maybe they should never be forgotten, and if spoken of, maybe the world will be a better place by remembering.”

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