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Black metal icons Mayhem have revealed that they recently smuggled in real human remains to use as part of their stage show at Hellfest this year!

“They were all  human remains – skulls and bones – on the stage of Mayhem’s ‘Liberation By Evil’ performance at Hellfest,” admits frontman Attila Csihar. “It was [done] for spiritual reasons, not for sensation. To stand and sing from the Altar Of Death’ in front of 8,000 people at Hellfest was extreme and important both artistically and personally –  that feeling is just indescribable. I am not sure if its the best idea to say officially that we used real human bones on our performance, however, it is the simple truth. We are Mayhem and I am Attila, I always say the truth, nothing more and nothing less.
I would like to thank our people and Hellfest for the help to make this great action happen, and also to our fans for the eternal support!”

You can see footage from the grizzly performance below:

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