Max Cavalera, Troy Sanders & Greg Puciato Enter The Studio - Terrorizer Max Cavalera, Troy Sanders & Greg Puciato Enter The Studio

Max Cavalera, Troy Sanders & Greg Puciato Enter The Studio

By on September 6, 2013


Max Cavalera, Troy Sanders and Greg Puciato have begun recording an album together in Los Angeles.

The Soulfly, Mastodon and Dillinger Escape Plan members are joined by former Mars Volta drummer Dave Eilich – who have all descended to Fortress Studio in LA. Josh Wilbur – who produced Lamb Of God’s ‘Wrath’ – will produce the album.

Talking to Terrorizer en route to the studio yesterday, Max said:

“It’s going to be cool, we just don’t have a name yet, the name is a pain in the ass to find a name but the music is great. We have been working on this for two years!

Greg approached me kinda like how Alex [Newport] approached me to do Nailbomb in that he was really, really trying to get me to do this project. I told him already I was pretty busy doing Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy [and] I was not really looking for an extra thing, but he was pretty insistent and then I just gave up and was like ‘let’s fucking do this!’

“It started with just me and Greg and then we got Dave Elitch – he’s an amazing drummer – and then Greg knew Troy and we asked him to be the bassist so it kind of became a supergroup all of a sudden. We jammed a couple of times and the last jam we did it sounded killer; the songs are really powerful real heavy. It’s hard to describe but I think the coolest thing about this project is that all three of us are going to sing on every song.”

The album will be released, says Max, during 2014.

You can find Soulfly on Facebook.

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