REVIEW: Lautstürmer ‘Depopulator’ (Power It Up)

By on 27 April 2010
When musicians best known for one particular, straight-ahead brand of their chosen genre bash out another project in the field, there’s little obvious joy to be had, often more of the same with diminished returns – like an over Xeroxed show flyer where the letters are running together. Yet just as Extreme Noise Terror‘s bellowing ox Dean Jones returns to his d-beat infancy with the rebooted and reinvigorated Raw Noise, eaking out unpretentious, no-holds-barred thrills from oversubscribed territory, two former and one current member of Swedish metallic crust heavyweights Driller Killer are doing exactly the same with Lautstürmer.

Their debut album proper following a super limited, five-track 7”/cassette, ‘Depopulator’s twelve tracks of rousing gutterpunk rebellion are competent and cranked from the heart, yet if that feels a bit back handed, it’s because it is. What lifted Raw Noise’s recent full-length return, the white hot rager that was ‘System Never’, up from being merely one of a dozen of that week’s effortlessly listenable d-beat discharges was the immitable vocal rock fall of the bleached blonde one, a blunt pile-up of vowels and spittal like a violent curbstomp on the eardrums. Without that, Lautstürmer are just another of that week’s effortlessly listenable d-beat discharges, and another bunch of Swedish cider-garglers raging impotently through the proscribed means, taking us neatly through to the bittersweet state of playing d-beat in 2010: nearly impossible to fuck up and nearly impossible to do anything exciting with. Unless you’re Dean Jones and there’s an angry bison lodged in your throat, obviously.

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