Insect Warfare Reunite For Obscene Extreme 2016

By on 21 January 2016


Your prayers have been answered; Texan grind legends Insect Warfare are back, and they’re playing Obscene Extreme this year…

OEF founder Curby had this to say:

Thousands of grinders all over the world have been waiting for this moment for many years and now it is here! An exclusive show at Obscene Extreme fest and a comeback we have been impatiently waiting for!!!

INSECT WARFARE will crush the Trutnov Battlefield¬† with a power of grind hurricane!!! Precise riffs, intense cyclone. We are expecting nothing less!!! This band has ruled the world with their ingenious album “World Extermination” that brought an awesome portion of totally devastating music!!!

Uargh! You just cannot miss that!!! Our enthusiasm knows no limits!!! Where is July?

There are no other shows currently planned, so if you missed out on Insect Warfare the first time around, don’t make the same mistake again!

Obscene Extreme takes place from July 13-17 at Trutnov Battlefield in the Czech Republic, and tickets are available here. Other bands already confirmed for the festival include Sodom, Lock Up, Rotten Sound, Vader, Cattle Decapitation, Gride, Defeated Sanity, Avulsed, Devourment and Toxic Holocaust, to name but a few.


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