By on 7 July 2011

Long-running Swedish death metal band Grave have signd with Century Media for the second time in their career.

The band – one of the ‘Big 4’ of Swedish death metal along with Entombed, Dismember and Unleashed – released their debut album ‘Into the Grave’ on Century Media back in 1991. The band released a further seven records on the label before parting ways to release two albums, 2008’s ‘Dominium VIII’ and 2010’s ‘Burial Ground’ on Regain.

Grave mainman Old Lindgren said, “We are very happy to announce that we have signed back to our old trusty workhorse Century Media Records!  The future plan is to have a new Grave studio album out in 2012 and we will start putting the pieces together for that this fall, after the headlining tour of North America. We are truly looking forward to working together again with some of our old friends!”

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