Gojira reveal reason for EP delay and begin recording new album

By on 3 October 2011

French crushing geniuses Gojira have revealed why their long-awaited EP has taken so long to arrive, and returned to the studio to begin recording their next album.

Gojira have been talking about releasing an EP in aid of anti-whaling charity Sea Shepherd for the best part of two years, and with 3 years having now passed since monumental last release ‘The Way Of All Flesh’, it’s understandable if a small segment of fans (including some within Terrorizer Towers) have been getting a mite antsy about hearing some new music.

It turns out that EP was stored on a hard drive that crashed, and the band have been recovering the material ever since. If that doesn’t lessen the nagging need for more technical brilliance, there’s even better news: Gojira have finished writing their new full-length album, and Joe Duplantier is in New York to begin recording. Result!

The band’s full statement, which appeared on their facebook group over the weekend, is as follows:

‘Vacuity’ from ‘The Way Of All Flesh’:

A lot happened since our last message so we wanted to give you some news today and let you know we are still alive! We know you are all eagerly awaiting the Sea Sheperd EP release. We are sorry for the delay. Some of the material was on a hard drive that crashed but we are nearing the end of a long and difficult recovery process. Now the Good news: the new Album is ready! All the music and lyrics are waiting to be recorded. Joe is already in NY to check out the Studio and make sure everything is sorted so we can begin to record next month. A new website is being built and we are working on ways to improve the communication between the band and our fans. You guys fucking rule! Thanks!”

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