God Seed’s infamous Wacken performance to see DVD release

By on 1 September 2011

God Seed, the band formed by Gaahl and King Ov Hell after leaving Gorgoroth, are to release their 2008 Wacken performance on DVD.

The blood-soaked show – a recreation of that infamous Black Mass show Gorgoroth put on in Krakow in Poland featuring blood, nude crucifixions, blood, sheeps heads on stakes, blood, satanic symbols and more blood – will be featured in its entirety on the DVD as part of a live album. This will only be available in deluxe digipack editions with liner notes from the band and will released on 21st October in Europe.

The original Black Mass show landed Gorgoroth in hot water with the Polish authorities, who investigated them on animal cruelty (the sheeps heads and blood probably played a part) and religious offence allegations (that’ll be the naked men on crosses), but went free on all charges.

Following a dispute over the ownership of the Gorgoroth name, Gaahl and King left Gorgoroth while guitarist continued the band with original vocalist Pest and released the album ‘Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt’ in 2009. God Seed came to an abrupt end without releasing when Gaahl retired. King Ov Hell finished the planned album entitled ‘The Underworld Regime’ with Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir performing vocals under the moniker Ov Hell in 2010.

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