Terrorzone Live Review: General Surgery at London’s Black Heart

By on 15 October 2012
Us lot at Terrorizer were anxious to catch General Surgery after learning that there would only be two UK dates on their European tour (October 13th, The Black Heart, London & October 14th, The Croft, Bristol), so we high tailed it down to the Black Heart to catch their second ever UK performance.

Act of Lunacy, Black Skies Burn and Decrepid provide a bevy of death metal to prepare the ears for onslaught of grind that will carry on this evening. Bristol based Merciless Precision blast through a set of short and savage songs that accompany their vocalist stomping about the venue knocking crowd members off their feet. Barbaric, but grind is the least amiable of genres. Despite Foul Body Autopsy being an impressively capable solo project, his cumbersome death metal riffs fail to get a rise out of the pit-hungry crowd who are fervent for something faster paced.

Basement Torture Killings are on standby to deliver exactly that. 1950’s music begins to play as the stage is illuminated, revealing a bloodied young girl, bound by her wrists and blindfolded. Before the crowd has a chance to make sense of what they’re seeing, BTK cut through the music with violently potent riffs and ferocious vocals, accompanied by a projection of brutal torture scenes being played in the background. A dominant stage force that demands the crowd’s attention; even the door staff are creeping upstairs to take a look.

Keeping their audience in suspense, General Surgery take their time over making an appearance. However, when they eventually do it is with an infectious energy that tears through the crowd, turning the entire venue into one, huge pit that shows no mercy. Amidst people hurling themselves from the stage and ultimately onto the hard, unforgiving floor, General Surgery pound through ‘Exotoxic Septicity’ and ‘Virulent Corpus Dispersement’ with high tempo blast beats and abrasive down-tuned guitars. Those that aren’t mutilating themselves in the name of moshing are instead having their brains and eardrums bashed in by the unyielding brute force on stage. “Tonight was awesome”, says GS vocalist Erik Sahlström, “We really love London beer, but I think we have had too many”. Perhaps inebriation is the secret ingredient to gore-grind?

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