Geddy Lee: “Radiohead are a progressive rock band”

By on 18 May 2012

In a recently conducted interview with Terrorizer the 58-year-old Rush frontman commented on the term “progressive rock”:

“For me, you look at a band like Radiohead, who I am always impressed with, I think they’re enormously talented. To me, they’re a progressive rock band. You don’t have to sound a particular way to be a progressive rock band, and that’s my view on it. We are a hard rock band, we are a progressive rock band, but our roots are in hard rock more than they are in ELP or something like that. It’s different strokes for different folks. Radiohead are a kind of progressive alt band I guess, but the key is that they’re trying to bring other things into their music, and that’s what a progressive band does, tries to expand what they are by adding other influences without too much prerequisite.”

The band’s 19th opus is released June 11 on Roadrunner. There will be more news in Terrorizer and, so keep your eyes peeled folks.

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