Funeral Winds Complete Incubate’s 2013 ‘Black Metal Friday’

By on 13 August 2013


If you’re at all interested in black metal, you’ll probably have noticed that the Netherlands’ premier avant-garde music festival Incubate has been gathering a truly mouth watering selection of some of the genre’s leading figures to take part in the upcoming ninth edition of the event. The festival is known for its incredibly diverse lineups, and whilst Incubate hasn’t exactly been a stranger to black metal over the years (in 2008, Watain and Shining played alongside the likes of Wire and the Sun Ra Arkestra), this year is surely its most metal friendly yet. The organisers have just revealed that cult Dutch legends Funeral Winds will be rounding off the fest’s ‘Black Metal Friday’ on September 20th, which is obviously fantastic news. Funeral Winds are one of the Netherlands’ oldest and longest serving black metal bands, and their 1998 debut ‘Godslayer Xul’ is a grim and frostbitten classic that belongs in any necro worshipper’s collection.

They’ll be joining luminaries like Immortal, Mayhem, Behexen and Khold, alongside other extreme metal mastheads such as US grinders Brutal Truth, crust punk forefathers Doom, Spanish doom overlords Orthodox and the intimidatingly evil Dragged Into Sunlight – and if you’ve somehow managed to read this far without frantically directing your browser to the ‘Buy Tickets’ section of Incubate’s site, you’ve either got willpower that’s stronger than steel, or you’re just mad.

And it’s not just metal that Incubate has got covered this year; the more musically adventurous of you will probably want to look into staying for the whole week, as Incubate has assembled one of the most insanely eclectic bills we’ve ever seen. With a lineup that includes everything from jazz to drone, electronica to psych rock and noise to traditional lute based folk, Incubate is one of the few festivals that truly manages to have something for everyone whilst retaining its own very distinct (and expertly curated) aesthetic. How many festivals could offer you the chance to see Israeli death metal alchemists Sonne Adam and 90s acid house pioneers 808 State in the same weekend?

Incubate takes place on 16 to 22 September 2013 in the city of Tilburg in The Netherlands and its surroundings. Tickets for ‘Black Metal Friday’ are priced at €32.50, whilst a ticket for the entire week will only set you back a mere €80, and you can purchase them here. More information about ‘Black Metal Friday’ can be found on the event’s Facebook page, whilst more information about the festival itself can be found on their website and Facebook page.

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