Emergency Gate Team Up With ’90s Eurodance Star Haddaway For New Single

By on 28 November 2013


German metalcore outfit Emergency Gate have teamed up with ’90s Eurodance star Haddaway to cover his hit single ‘What Is Love’. The results are, ahem, interesting…

Since forming back in 2000, Emergency Gate have been developing their own brand of melodic metalcore over the course of five albums, the most of recent of which being this year’s ‘You’. ‘What Is Love’, meanwhile, was Trinidadian-German singer Haddaway’s most well known song, peaking at #2 in the UK and German charts back in 1993.

Quite how (and perhaps more importantly, why) these two seemingly disparate entities have joined forces is unclear, but it’s happened now, so we’ll just have to deal with it.

Now, you might think that metalcore and electro-pop wouldn’t gel well together at all, and, well, you’d probably be right. But take a listen to the cover below and let us know what you reckon…

You can find Emergency Gate on Facebook.

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