By on 13 December 2010

Dragged Into Sunlight drummer “J” has been involved in a serious traffic accident ahead of the group’s impending slot at Terrorizer’s Black Mass event, headlined by black metal legends Mayhem and also featuring the mighty Anaal Nathrakh.

However, according to a statement released by the band, the blackened sludge/doom quartet will still play the Islington Academy this coming Saturday, and J will be involved despite his serious injuries.

Comments the band:

“It is to our detriment that the drummer of Dragged Into Sunlight was unexpectedly struck down by the hammer of Thorr.  We knew it was only a matter of time before the gods began to fight back.  He was savaged in the grip of society’s machines and mowed into by a long wheel base Ford transit.  He has a fractured right leg and a detached ligament in his right knee.  He hasn’t had the surgery to re-attach the ligament in his knee and that must be agonising for him.  We went to see him in hospital and his words were that, dead or alive, he would be behind a drum kit at Mayhem next weekend.  Fate would have it that we’ll be taking to the O2 Islington Academy on 18th December 2010 for Terrorizer’s Black Mass, a wrongdoer down but not out, instead wired on enough painkillers to tranquilise an elephant.  You’d literally have to bury him alive to miss this show.  If our crushed as fuck drummer is getting behind the kit for this show, there isn’t a metalhead this side of the pond with a decent enough excuse for failing to attend in congregation and celebration of UK extreme metal.”

They’re right you know. Grab yourself a TICKET for this most unholy of Christmas bashes and get your ass to the Academy this Saturday!


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