Doom Spotlight: Band Of The Day – Alunah

By on 5 March 2012

NAME: Alunah
FROM: Birmingham, UK
FOR FANS OF: Goatsnake, Pentagram, Black Sabbath
LATEST RELEASE: ‘Call of Avernus’ (Catacomb Records)
SONGS TO CHECK OUT: ‘Living Fast In An Ancient Land’, ‘Song Of The Sun’, Dance Of Dionysus’

Birmingham: famous for industrial heritage, urban decay and Jasper Carrot. Oh, and only Black Sabbath, who are quite possibly responsible for more bands than Elvis. Following in the hollowed footsteps of Osbourne, Iommi, Butler and Ward are Alunah: bassist Gaz Imber, drummer Jake Mason, guitarist David Day, and frontwoman Sophie Willet. Since their debut release in 2010, their status as one of doom’s brightest lights, courtesty of a sound that mixes Goatsnake bounce with psychedelic swamp. As they prepare to enter the studio to record their second album, Sophie chats to Terrorizer.

In our future of doom feature you’re the only band in it that hail from the genre’s birthplace of Birmingham – how do you feel about your hometown and are you proud it spawned the music you love?
“We come from the surrounding areas of Birmingham and can safely say that we all love the area and are huge fans of the music it has given birth to – especially a certain band from Aston! I have always been proud of our musical heritage, but the recent Home of Metal events  drove home to me just how proud I am of being in a band from the Midlands.”

Do you agree that there is something about Birmingham that lends itself to doom? Even now, when it’s been drastically regenerated?
“It’s been pretty well documented that Birmingham inspired Black Sabbath to play the way they did, but nowadays it’s a totally different city and I feel more inspired standing in the middle of a field. We find inspiration in many areas. I think if Birmingham lent itself to doom that much, there would be a lot more doom bands coming from the area, unfortunately there are hardly any.”

How do you feel being hailed by Terrorizer as one act to watch in the future of doom? Is this something you are proud of and who do you consider your contemporary peers?
“Yeah, it’s pretty cool for you guys to refer to us as being the future of doom. Doom is only one element of our sound but it is a pretty big element and one that pushes us to explore various styles Bands who we consider to be our contemporary peers include Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of the Knight, General, Stubb, Serpent Venom, Sigiriya and Gringo.

You’ve been heavily touring recently, are you happiest on the road or in the studio?
“If I had to choose I would say that I prefer being on the road but I love being in the studio laying down months of hard work. Being on the road is freedom,  doing what you love, meeting new people, visiting new places and having dirty hair! We’re looking at having a lot more shows and tours in the coming year.”


You’ve got a new album, tell us about that?
“Yeah we’re just about to record the new album which, and we haven’t yet announced this, will be called ‘White Hoarhound’. We’re recording again with Greg Chandler, but this time mixing and mastering with Tony Reed, who has just recorded the new St. Vitus album. We’ll be releasing it around summer,  and looking to tour in September. We haven’t spent as long writing as we did for ‘Call of Avernus’  and as a result have focused more on the direction we want to take.”

You can read more about Alunah in Terrorizer’s Secret History Of Doom…  buy here

Alunah – ‘Higher’ by RideWithTheDevilBlog


Words: Steve Jones

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