Details of next Death reissue announced

By on 1 September 2011

The absolutely classic Individual Thought Patterns is the next Death album being reissued, and exactly what you can expect from the package has been revealed.

As well as the album, which has been remixed by Alan Douches, the reissue will include two bonus discs. The first is a recording of Death’s full live set from their date in Germany on April 13th 1993, and the second includes Chuck Schuldiner and then-drummer Gene Hoglan’s four-track demos, as well as four rare riff tracks from Chuck’s archive.

The reissue will be released through Relapse Records on October 31st in the UK and Europe and th 25th in the US. The full tracklisting is down the bottom of the page.

Disc 1:

1. Overactive Imagination
2. In Human Form
3. Jealousy
4. Trapped In A Corner
5. Nothing Is Everything
6. Mentally Blind
7. Individual Thought Patterns
8. Destiny
9. Out Of Touch
10. The Philosopher

Disc 2:

Live In Germany – April 13th, 1993
1. Leprosy
2. Suicide Machine
3. Living Monstrosity
4. Overactive Imagination
5. Flattening Of Emotions
6. Within The Mind
7. In Human Form
8. Lack Of Comprehension
9. Trapped In A Corner
10. Zombie Ritual
Individual Thought Patterns – Studio Outtake
11. The Exorcist

Disc 3:

Four Track Demos – Chuck & Gene – December 1992
1. Overactive Imagination
2. In Human Form
3. The Philosopher
4. Trapped In A Corner
5. Individual Thought Patterns
6. Jealousy
7. Nothing Is Everything
8. Destiny9. Mentally Blind
10. Out Of Touch
Individual Thought Patterns – Chuck’s Riff Tape – 1992
11. In Human Form 
12. The Philosopher
13. Trapped in a Corner

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