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It’s always sad to write about the passing of an extreme musician, someone so steeped in our community who has shuffled off the mortal coil at such a tragically young age. So, whatever you felt about the opinion-splitting Seth Putman, he of bands such as Anal Cunt, Full Blown AIDS and Impaled Northern Moonforest, it is only right that we should celebrate his life and career and mourn  his passing.

It was reported this morning that the controversial grindcore veteran died, aged 43, of a heart attack. He only just released his tenth album with AxCx, the cock rock tinged ‘Fucking A’ and was working on a new grindcore album called ‘Wearing Out Our Welcome’.

As well as forming Anal Cunt, Seth worked with the good and the great of extreme metal and inspired so many, leaving behind him a legacy of uncompromising music and an outrageous sense of humour. He performed backing vocals with Pantera and joined the reformed thrashcore legends Seige and played drums in Fear Of God.

He set out to be polemic and offensive, penning such infamous ditties and lyrics as ‘Connor Clapton Committed Suicide Because His Father Sucks’, ‘I Went Back in Time and Voted for Hitler’ and ‘You Were Pregnant So I Kicked You In The Stomach’, proving his no-hold-barred approach to songwriting and political correctness. Try not to laugh at lyrics like “Limp Bizkit Think They’re Black, But They’re Just Gay”…

In 2004 Seth took an overdose of sleeping pills and it was rumoured at the time that he had been contemplating suicide. But true to form straight after coming out of a coma he was back on stage supporting Eyehategod, never giving up, never quitting.

Seth may have caused offence and often been unapologetic about his artistic output, but he was definitely prolific and we were looking forward to his next album at Terrorizer, whether it had been the new AxCx or whatever silly, wonderful, unlistenable, disgusting form of aural terrorism he came up with next. He will be missed, he was a cunt but he was OUR cunt.


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