Daily round-up: My Dying Bride EP, Sonata Arctica DVD, Uneven Structure and Ufomammut

By on 8 September 2011

Gothic metallers My Dying Bride are to release a single track, 25-minute EP entitled The Barghest O’ Whitby on November 7 through Peaceville.

The band have said: “Carrying straight on from the success of Evinta found us kind of out of breath for a second; we were already aware of a new-found love of all things bleak and grey and were eager to start writing in a more traditional My Dying Bride style. What did catch us off guard was the increased heaviness and the fresh approach to song writing. Moving away somewhat with the lyrical theme from our usual feeding ground, we found ourselves on the rainy moors of Yorkshire contemplating the story of the Barghest, a supernatural entity hell bent on revenge. The tale now to be told wove itself into a 25-minute epic which initially we thought would be a three part EP, but it simply became one very long song full of everything My Dying Bride and more. The violins conjure lonely tears atop a chasm of epic British doom.”

Just about the only thing helping Terrorizer ed Louise Brown survive her cold is the news her favourite Finnish symphonic power metal band (and who doesn’t have one of those?) Sonata Arctica are to release a DVD. Entitled ‘Live In Finland, this will consist of complete footage from their concert in Oulu, Finland on April 15 2011, as well as footage from their own festival in their hometown of Kemi in 2009.


Making news ed Tom Dare delighted today is the news the genre-bending Uneven Structure are to release their debut album ‘Februus’ through Basick Records on October 31st. If you don’t know why this is worth getting positively moist about, watch this:

And finally today, Italian doomsters Ufomammut have signed to Neurosis genius Steve Von Til’s Neurot Recordings to release the album the band are currently in the studio to record.

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