Cauldron Stewdio Diary – Part 3

By on 11 July 2012

Part three of Cauldron‘s studio blog reveals all the final details on their forthcoming album. And the boys take a  look at the structure and musical influences bubbling within, and the Toronto band are certainly stirring quite the concoction.

“So here’s the first inside scoop on the new Cauldron album. It’s called ‘Tomorrow’s Lost’. Jason and I decided on that a few months ago in the parking lot of ‘2 or 1 Pizza’. I don’t think the ‘F’ fell off the sign. I think the idea is that you can order 2 or 1 pizzas, whatever you want. Makes sense.

The album’s going to consist of nine originals. There are also three cover tunes we’ve done, just safety bonus tracks I guess in case we need them for anything. Here are some lovely family portraits of the bands we’ve chosen to do covers of, see if you can guess them all! The first 2 are pretty easy. If you guess the last one you win a Cauldron prize pack from Earache and a lunch with the band at a restaurant of our choice (your treat).





We contacted Winnipeg artist Todd Kowalski to do some original artwork for the album. We really liked his painting for the Sacrifice/Propagandhi split 7″ from a couple years back so we gave him a call and he was down. We’ve been meaning to have some painted album artwork for a while now but it just never came together, so we’re pretty excited about this one.


There’s quite an assortment of songs on this one. There are speed rockers (‘End of Time’, ‘Nitebreaker’) in the vein of ‘Rapid City’ from the last album, some doomier numbers (‘Summoned To Succumb’, ‘Relentless Temptress’), and some signature Cauldron mid-paced pounders (‘Endless Ways’, ‘Tomorrow’s Lost’).

We also thought we’d address an issue that’s been bothering us for some time now: the night time. Every single band sings about the night (or the ‘nite’ as we’re guilty of). In fact 73 releases came out last year with the word “night” in the title. We just felt that the day time was alright too and seemed to be getting neglected, so we wrote a song about it (Fight For Day). But then we couldn’t help ourselves and called a song ‘Nitebreaker’ which completely defeats the purpose. Well, we tried.”


The album is expected to be released in October on Earache, and it couldn’t come soon enough!

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