Born From Pain – Top 5 Political hardcore songs

By on 23 December 2011

Dutch metallic hardcore outfit Born From Pain are set on giving hardcore its voice back.

Their new album, ‘The New Future’, is due out in March and will see the band bringing a political edge back to the modern hardcore scene, in an attempt to make the average 2-stepper more aware of their surroundings.

Speaking to Terrorizer, Born From Pain vocalist Rob Franssen told us what he thinks about the hardcore scene’s change in focus:

“Whether you are an underground metal head or an underground hardcore kid or anything that is not the mainstream. You’re into that because you can be allowed to be different, you can be allowed to have a different opinion and you don’t run into a brick wall when you voice an opinion that might not be the particular mainstream opinion. I just see that this has [become] a little bit watered down over the last decade where people are way more interested in just doing ‘the right thing’ for being accepted in what, in itself, has become a very trendy and ‘I need to be accepted into something’ world that the mainstream always was. I see way too many metal or hardcore gigs, bands and interviews where it just seems to be more important to hop on a trend or to be about a trend and that’s kind of hollow, [rather] than being about something real.”

We asked Rob to look back to a time when the scene really had something to say and he gave us his top 5 political hardcore songs.

1. ManLiftingBanner – Myth Of Freedom

“ManLiftingBanner was just a band that was always about being critical, [they’re] very leftist politically. It was just struck a chord with me because it was exactly what I was thinking about a couple of things. It was always just a band for me that said a lot of the things that I could identify with, musically as well as lyrically.”

2. Dead Kennedys – California Über Alles

“A legendary band that combined hard and untypical guitar work with a harsh criticism on the Regan-era USA. Very much an influence on generations to come. Totally encompassing the zeitgeist of early hardcore and a pissed of critical attitude towards the powers that were and be.”

3. Napalm Death – Siege Of Power

“As relevant to hardcore as to metal. Napalm Death have always created an intense political/socio critical message with a very rabid sound. It makes their message even more intense. Definitely still one of the bands that have never compromised message nor sound in any way.”

4. Downcast – In This Land

“Very much a nineties-vibe. Downcast represent a wave of bands from the US that was maybe not very on point about everything they were critical of, but [this is] a very good song and critical as fuck.”

5. Heresy – Too Close To Home

“A very critical song about British politics in Northern Ireland. [It was] very relevant in the 80’s and still is when you think about it. A great, fast hardcore band from Nottingham.”

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