Blogstock – S.O.P.H.I.E. Stage, Day Three, Part One

By on 12 August 2012

Day three at Bloodstock shows us that you can only have so much of a good thing, and the sun runs out of steam. A bit of rain isn’t going to stop us from having some good times on the S.O.P.H.I.E. Stage though, right?

Cheeky Finnish chaps Re-Armed get the day off to another bowel-bothering start with their melodic blasts of death metal, before Flayed Disciple provide a rousing collision of death and thrash.

Not to be outdone, Batallion effectively combine purest Slayer with the party vibes of Municipal Waste through dumb anthems like ‘Thrash Maniacs’ before Crimes Of Passion make a triumphant return home from touring with their anthemic power metal.

Most suited to the weather are Ancient Ascendant, whose blackened racket leaves enough room for headbang-inducing grooves through the dark passages.

Ponchos on and hoods up as we continue our coverage of the festival – stay tuned for more!

Words: Andy McDonald
Photo: Gobinder Jhitta

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