Aura Noir reveal new album

By on 10 January 2012

Norway’s blackened thrashers Aura Noir have unveiled their forthcoming fifth studio full-length.

Terrorizer is feeling pretty stoked right now. Why? Because we’ve just returned from Indie Recordings HQ in Oslo, where we were granted an exclusive first listen to Aura Noir’s brand spanking new record, ‘Out To Die’. As with its predecessor, 2008’s ‘Hades Rise’, the album was produced by the band, and true to form, it’s an utterly relentless black thrash assault that’s guaranteed to get fans of early Slayer and Sodom all hot and bothered.

Speaking to Terrorizer shortly after the listening session, guitarist/vocalist Aggressor commented: “It feels right. That’s all I can say really. I’m not sitting here digging it; it’s more like I’m content with having the finished product there, and now we can go play live. Because I think our music comes into its element when we’re playing live. For me, a new album is like, ‘Okay, we have more songs to play live now.'”

‘Out To Die’ marks the full-scale return of ex-Mayhem guitarist Blasphemer, who now resides in Portugal, but made several trips back to Norway to work on the new songs with Aggressor and fellow founding member Apollyon (guitar, bass, vocals, drums, also bassist in Immortal).

Says Aggressor: “I wish we were all living in the same apartment and rehearsing every day, all three of us together, but obviously that’s not possible because we have our private lives and everything. But it brought about some new ways of working, and it actually worked out okay in the end.”

‘Out To Die’ is set for release on March 23 via Indie Recordings. The full tracklisting is as follows:

‘Fed To The Flames’
‘The Grin From The Gallows’
‘Priest’s Hellish Fiend’
‘Out To Die’

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