Art Of Burning Water To Tour UK Next Week With Baxter Stockman

By on 11 June 2015


Sludgy hardcore oddballs Art Of Burning Water will be heading out on a UK tour next week with  Finnish noise rockers Baxter Stockman, calling at London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Newcastle and Birmingham.

Art Of Burning Water are a reliably heavy presence amidst the UK underground, and have been blasting out their own distinctive blend of filthy sludge, mangled hardcore and sardonic noise rock for almost fifteen years now – or, as they put it, “Art Of Burning Water refuse to die despite being one of the most frowned upon bunch of noise making twats of the past ten years.”

Their last full-length, 2014’s ‘Living Is For Giving, Dying Is For Getting’  (their fifth so far) could well be their best yet, a snarling and vitriolic collection of Melvins-esque bludgeoning and furious bursts of rage, kind of like Keelhaul having the single worst day of their collective lives.

Check it out below, and then get yourself along to one of the following gigs to witness this madness firsthand…

The full list of tour dates is as follows:

16/06/15 – London @ Powerlunches w/ Skylark, Containment

17/06/15 – Manchester @ Ducie Bridge w/ Glarus

18/06/15 – Edinburgh @ Bannerman’s Bar w/ Britney

19/06/15 – Leeds @ The Packhorse w/ Famine, The Wub

20/06/15 – Newcastle @ The Northumberland Arms w/ Big Fail, Iced Out

21/06/15 – Birmingham @ The Wagon And Horses w/ GG String Allin

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