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By on 26 July 2013



Following on from our UK Black Metal special, here are some essential tracks that capture the UK Black Metal spirit…

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FEN ‘The Gibbet Elms’ from ‘Epoch’ (Code666, 2011)

With distant, croaked vocals, and some eerie synths, Fen evoke the giddy disorientation of being lost in a forest at night. Whack a fog machine on to get the full effect.


WODENSTHRONE ‘Heofungtid’ from ‘Loss’ (Bindrune, 2009)

A lengthy, blast-laden piece that has an odd tranquillity in its relentlessness, not dissimilar to early Ulver.


WINTERFYLLETH ‘The Honour Of Good Men On The Path To Eternal Glory’ from ‘The Mercian Sphere’ (Candlelight, 2010)

UKBM’s definitive epic. Acoustic guitar builds into blackened savagery, before the wordless singing makes you throw your head back and sing.


FALLOCH ‘Beyond Embers And The Earth’ from ‘Where Distant Spirits Remain’ (Candlelight, 2011)

Merging blast-beats with tin whistle, this is moody, melancholic, and masterful.



[/one_half][one_half last=”yes”]CNOC AN TURSA ‘The Lion Of Scotland’ from ‘The Giants Of Auld’ (Candlelight, 2013)

Rousing Celtic melodies that would sound right at home on a mandolin or banjo. You’ll be whistling this for weeks!


ACOLYTE ‘Leng’ from ‘Alta’ (Mordgrimm, 2013)

Utterly nasty vocals, coupled with a penchant for prog time-shifting, and a surprisingly strong groove, these guys are undoubtedly Manchester’s rising stars.


A FOREST OF STARS ‘The Blight Of God’s Acre’ from ‘A Shadowplay For Yesterdays’ (Prophecy, 2012)

Imbed with the same nudging-and-winking as Cradle of Filth in their halcyon, Leeds’ finest take us on a dizzying carnival-esque trip though their Victorian ‘everything-but-the-kitchen-sink’ black metal.


VOICES ‘This Too Shall Pass’ from ‘From The Human Forest Create A Fugue Of Imaginary Rain’ (Candlelight, 2013)

If Winterfylleth are the rainy moors of the Pennines and Fen are the misty, er, fens of East Anglia, this is London: isolating, unfulfilling, frightening… and yet beautiful and compelling.




This article originally featured in Terrorizer 238.


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