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By on 19 February 2013

Randy Blythe has curated for Terrorizer a MixTape of music that has influenced his life, this originally appeared in Terrorizer 182, April 2009.


Sex Pistols ‘Holidays In The Sun’  From ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’  (Virgin 1977)
Alright, the first song is by the Sex Pistols, it’s ‘Holidays In The Sun’, which is also the first track off of ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’. That was the first song I ever heard that I consider real music. I was a kid, that was the first thing other than radio bullshit I ever heard, and it changed my life.

Bad Brains ‘Re-Ignition’ From ‘I Against I’ (SST 1986)
This was the first Bad Brains track I ever heard, and it’s just fucking awesome. It’s my favourite Bad Brains song, followed closely in second by ‘Pay To Cum’. I saw them in ’88, playing that song on the ‘Quickness’ tour, and I saw them a couple of years ago playing that song, and it was just like being in high school again.

Doom ‘Police Bastard’ From ‘Police Bastard 7″‘  (Profane Existence 1989)
This is by a Birmingham band, Doom, probably one of their most well known songs. They’re a pretty political band, and one of my favourite bands growing up, getting into the whole political punk thing. The first time I heard the song was when I’d gotten a Japanese import mix of a bunch of grindcore, which was a sorta weird way to get into an English band.

The Birthday Party ‘The Friend Catcher’  From ‘Self Titled’ (Missing Link 1980)
Birthday Party was Nick Cave’s band, actually his first band, though they used to be called The Boys Next Door, and The Friend Catcher is a really slow, sorta gothic song. Nick Cave is a big influence on me as far as the style of lyric writing I do, he’s an incredibly intelligent man and I believe, artistically very gifted.

The Jesus Lizard ‘7 vs 8’ From ‘Head’ (Touch & Go 1990)
For a brief period of time during the ‘90s, The Jesus Lizard were the mightiest band on the face of the planet, they put out three incredible records in a row. ‘7 vs. 8’ showcases the range of Jesus Lizard, ‘cos they can go from being very abrasive and caustic to almost beautiful. And David Yow is an insane frontman.

Eyehategod ‘Dixie Whiskey’  From Dopesick’ (Century Media 1996)
They’re one of my favourite bands of all time, I actually have an Eyehategod tattoo and they usually stay with me when they’re in Richmond. They haven’t toured for a long time due to various other commitments and legal issues, but I always loved Eyehategod because they seemed more like a way of life rather than just a band. It’s a hard way of life though, I’d say.

Dirt ‘Hiroshima’  From ‘Object Refuse Reject Abuse’  (Crass 1980)
This is by another British band, and I believe it’s off their first seven inch. They have great dual vocals, male and female, I saw them in Berkeley, California, probably over ’92 when I was over there riding freight trains and squatting and stuff, and they put on an incredible show. One of the dudes in the band, Gary, is still around, he does Stratford Mercenaries.

Weedeater ‘Monkey Junction’  From ‘…And Justice For Y’all’  (Beserker/Game Two 2000)
The last band is from Wilmington, North Carolina, the Cape Fear region where I grew up. Monkey Junction is a neighbourhood down there, where there was a gas station at the junction of two roads, and the owner had a pet monkey or whatever, so it was named Monkey Junction. I dunno, it’s a cool fucking song and I like it.


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