Mixtape: Doc Coyle (God Forbid)

By on 20 February 2013

God Forbid’s Doc Coyle did us a Mix Tape – Just like a wedding, something old, something new, something borrowed…. you know the rest.  Originally published in Terrorizer issue 183, May 2009.

Metallica ‘Broken, Beaten, and Scarred’  From ‘Death Magnetic’ (Warner 2008)
My song of the year! Catchiest, grooviest, headbanginest song Metallica has written since “Sad But True”. I can’t explain this one, if you’re not feeling it, than the train left without you.

Nevermore  ‘The River Dragon Has Come’ From ‘Dead Heart in a Dead World’ (Century Media 2000)
Nevermore belongs to no genre, and are so unique that it probably hurts them. This song is about as heavy and infectious as it is technically jaw dropping. If 3:13 to 4:08 doesn’t convince you, than you probably don’t like heavy metal.

Portishead  ‘Humming’  From ‘Live at Roseland NYC’ (Go Beat 2003)
This live album sounds better than their studio recordings. It’s really embarrassing to us normal musicians. Mixing beautiful female jazz vocals with a DJ, an orchestra, and a theremin. The bass line from “Humming” sounds like lumbering, lurking stalker.

Killswitch Engage  ‘Take This Oath’ From ‘The End of Heartache’ (Roadrunner 2004)
This is probably my favorite Killswitch song. They make it look easy; combining brutal grooves, swedish riffs, and soaring vocals. A generation of bands copied them and made it look not so easy. Kudos to ex-singer Jessie Leach’s mid-song chorus heroics.

Muse  ‘Hysteria’  From ‘Absolution’  (A&E 2003)
Most iconic bass guitar riff since “Peace Sells”. I like to play “Hysteria” on the tour bus to please the guys and gals equally. It rocks, it jams, it gets the ladies dancing on the tables. In my opinion, Muse is the best rock band in the world, and can do no wrong. Another classic from the best!

Glassjaw  ‘Mu Empire’  From ‘Worship and Tribute’   (Warner 2002)
In my reality, Glassjaw should be playing arenas and topping billboard charts. Here’s to their new album, and finally getting the recognition they deserve. “Mu Empire” has one of my favorite choruses of all time. It’s so authentic and gentle.

Dimmu Borgir ‘Blessings Upon the Throne of Tyrrany’  From ‘Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia’  (Nuclear Blast 2001)
I want to kill people after 5 seconds of listening to this blasting masterpiece. This is the best black metal song ever written. It’s so fucking hard! Like pounding nails into granite. I don’t even want to write about it, so I will just listen to it.

Meshuggah  ‘Corrider of Chameleons’  From ‘Chaosphere’  (Nuclear Blast 1998)
You want to blame some one for metalcore and it’s endless avalanche of X tuned breakdowns? Blame Meshuggah. They wrote one of the heaviest songs of all time with the best breakdown, and won’t play it live because supposedly it’s too hard. They play “Bleed” live. Someone is lying to us!

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