Mixtape: Karl Sanders (Nile)

By on 25 February 2013


Nile mainman, Karl Sanders takes us on a musical journey through his favourite guitar players.  Originally appeared in Terrorizer 185, July 2009.



“I am just in eternal awe of this song and really the whole ‘Virgin Killer’ album. The über-catchy songwriting, Klaus Meine’s blow-your-throat-out screaming, and Ulrich Roth’s mind-blowing guitar playing. Ulrich not only plays sophisticated way-before-their-time technical guitar solos, but his guitar playing is electrically charged with impossibly anguished yet eloquently screaming emotional poetry.”


JUDAS PRIEST  ‘Painkiller’   FROM ‘PAINKILLER’ (Columbia 1990)

“’Painkiller’ is like an ultimate metal song from a band that has so many legendary metal tunes. This is like how metal ought to be, but so rarely actually achieves. ‘Painkiller’ is so full of metal energy that I play this first whenever I start any road trip to go anywhere.”


MORBID ANGEL ‘Doomsday Celebration/Day of Suffering’  FROM ‘BLESSED ARE THE SICK’ (Earache 1991)

“These two tracks, are like a back to back pinnacle of how death metal can be artistic and expressive and brutal. From the creepy orchestrated ritual evil of ‘Doomsday…’ to the primal build-up and explosion of ‘Day Of Suffering’, MA display an amazing superhuman range of music’s ability to galvanise and focus human emotion. More than anything, this one-two punch was like a proverbial beacon of inspiration for me to start playing death metal.”


RAINBOW  ‘Gates Of Babylon’  FROM ‘LONG LIVE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL’ (Polygram 1978)

“‘Gates Of Babylon’ is one of my personal all-time favorite songs. It’s such an epic composition, with so many incredible sections that make up a magnificent cinematic journey. When Dio hits the big finale chorus of “The Devil is me and I’m holding the key to gates of sweet Hell Babylon” no one and nothing can possibly compare to the definitive epicness. Nobody writes rock/metal this quintessentially excellent anymore.”


BLUE OYSTER CULT ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ FROM ‘AGENTS OF FORTUNE’ (Columbia 1976)

“While this a great classic hard rock song, its really the Reaper’s guitar solo section that I have always worshipped. Fuck, every time I hear this it makes me drop to my knees. Buck Dharma should be enshrined just for writing this one guitar apocalypse alone.”


IMMOLATION ‘Christ’s Cage’  FROM ‘HERE IN AFTER’ (Metal Blade 1996)

“Musically speaking, Immolation are one of the very few bands who are the real deal as far as death metal goes. Immolation actually manages to capture the musical feeling of hellish suffering and torment so well that when I listen to them I can literally hear them burning in the unquenchable flames of hell. No other death metal band manages to distill that feeling of true evil so completely in the fabric of their sound. That guitar intro is another all-time favorite pieces of music.”


BLACK SABBATH  ‘Lonely Is The Word’   FROM ‘HEAVEN AND HELL’ (Warner 1980)

“This is the last track off Sabbath’s ‘Heaven And Hell’ album. I have loved this song for so many years. It has such a sad, lonely desolate feeling, and I really enjoy Ronnie’s singing, the lyrics, and the impeccably tasteful and emotional guitar soloing.”


THIN LIZZY ‘Emerald’ FROM’  JAILBREAK’ (Vertigo 1976)

“Out of all the classic and great much loved Thin Lizzy songs, ‘Emerald’ is the one closest to my heart. The whole song is a great bit of early metal, but broken down it has great riffing, cool lyrics, war drums and an incredible guitar battle between Bryan Robertson and Scott Gorham. When I was young and playing in cover bands, this was always the absolute most killer song to play.”


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