Mixtape: Nergal (Behemoth)

By on 22 February 2013

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Nergal introduces us to some of the songs that changed his life.  (Originally appeared in Terrorizer 184, June 2009)


TSA ‘Bez Podtekstów’ From ‘TSA’ (Polton 1983)

“I was maybe 8 or 9, my older brother showed me this guitar riff that was probably the first heavy metal riff I learnt ever. I loved to play it though I didn’t even know what the original song sounded like. Later on I got the tape with that track on. TSA is a Polish version of AC/DC. They’re still around and doing well even though each of the guys is probably 100 years old.”


MERCYFUL FATE ‘The Oath’ From ‘Don’t Break The Oath’ (Roadrunner 1984)

“I was a kid and I don’t even remember if I was interested in heavy metal back then. My brother’s friend presented me this song saying, ‘This is a real satanic mass’. He didn’t even know the name of the band since it was one of many songs recorded on this compilation tape. I was terrified by what I heard but at the same time I couldn’t stop listening to it. There was something very captivating. It took me years to finally realise what band it was. I became a die hard fan ever since”


VENOM ‘Bloodlust’ From ‘The Singles 80-86’ (Raw Power 1986)

“I remember when in late ‘80s I managed to get a pirate tape with ‘Singles 80-86’ from these British hell rockers. This I consider the first ever extreme metal that truly caught my attention. My soul was sold. Every day after school I would play the invisible guitar in front of the mirror, singing along with Cronos. I loved the whole album but this particular song somehow stood out.”


SLAYER ‘Evil Has No Boundaries’ From‘Live Undead’ (Metal Blade 1984)

“Unlike most of my friends, my relation with Slayer didn’t start with ‘Reign In Blood’ but with ‘Live Undead’. ‘Evil Has No Boundaries’ must have been the most memorable song from that piece and had a killer refrain. Even though ‘Reign In Blood’ rules supreme from their catalogue, I still count that song as one of my all time favorites.”


MORBID ANGEL ‘Maze Of Torment’  From ‘Altars Of Madness’ (Earache 1989)

“It could be dozens of other Morbid Angel songs but this must be one of the very first songs that stuck in my head after hearing it for the first time on Polish national radio. I remember ‘sacrificing’ my best TDK tape to record the album. It was too sophisticated and too challenging for me at that point. I didn’t really know what was going on with the whole death metal thing but I already felt this special bond with them”


BLASPHEMY ‘Demoniac’ From ‘Fallen Angel Of Doom’ (Wild Rags 1990)

“If it wasn’t for ‘Fallen Angel…’ Behemoth probably either wouldn’t have happened or would have sounded very different today. I was getting more and more into the darker side of metal and Blasphemy were there to open a whole new world for me. The opening riff and title of ‘Cursed Angel Of Doom’, Behemoth’s first song ever, is not just a coincidence. And by the way, I just spent a fortune on an original Wild Rags pressing of the album on eBay! Lucky me!”


TURBONEGRO ‘Final Warning’  From ‘Party Animals’ (Abacus 2005)

“Surprised? This band and their ‘Party Animals’ album ruled my world when it came out. I’ve always been interested in punk and I do like bands like Plasmatics, Exploited, Discharge but Turbonegro mixed that sound with their unique sense of humour making music that’s one of a kind. We even started playing ‘I Got Erection’ at Behemoth shows and it’s always a blast!”


DEATHSPELL OMEGA ‘Chaining The Katechon’ From ‘Chaining the Katechon’ (Noevida 2008)

“One of the new bands I became a big fan of. Wrong, I’m not just a fan, I simply worship them! Deathspell Omega are one of the most groundbreaking bands in extreme metal even if people do not realise it yet. I could elaborate for hours but to make long story short: they exist beyond genres. It’s whole new level of consciousness. This twenty-minute song is nothing but magic. It’s surreal, extremely captivating and very disturbing.”


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