Miniature history of: Corpse Vomit

By on 28 February 2013


I have my pal Sloppy Wrengler to thank for introducing me to this amazingly-named band.  Formed in the early nineties in Denmark (not to be confused with Chicago’s Corpse Vomit), the band recorded a demo that, by their own admission, was too shitty to release and spent the rest of their time getting drunk and stoned in their rehearsal room.

Forward to 1999 and the band released ‘Drowning In Puke’, 10 tracks of utterly filthy Autopsy-worshipping death metal (including a cover of Autopsy’s ‘Gasping for Air’), with the most hideously puke-tastic vocals ever recorded.  Though the album was delayed by it’s fantastically offensive artwork and gratuitous use of porno flick samples, tracks like ‘Maggots Eating My Dick’ and ‘The Pus’ contain riffs that most death metal bands would punch their gran in the face for.  Strangely ignored among the current old school revivalist trend, if you have any interest in disgusting death metal, you need Corpse Vomit in your life…

Molesting Mike – vocals
Anal Al – guitars
Caco Cezo – guitars
Cape Cum – bass
Murder – drums

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