Mahakala release video for ‘Wrath of Lucifer (Infidels)’

By on 28 March 2017

Mahakala have released a video for the track ‘Wrath of Lucifer (Infidels)’ which features Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ. The track is taken from the band’s second album ‘The Second Fall’ which was released 21 March via Supreme Music Creations. You can buy a copy of ‘The Second Fall’ here.

Speaking about this track, the band said:

“’Wrath of Lucifer (Infidels)’ is the turning point of the album’s concept, where Lucifer gets all vengeful and furious and seeks revenge on the demons that betrayed him. Being also the point where Lucifer speaks in first person, we decided to use a first person shooter (fps) video game mock-up as an official video for the specific song. Being fans of the FPS genre ourselves we can’t stop thinking what an official Mahakala video game would look like!”

Greek doom heavy metallers Mahakala are back in action with ‘The Second Fall’, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut full length album ‘Devil’s Music’ (2013). ‘Wrath of Lucifer (Infidels)’ is the 6th track of the album and it features Sakis Tolis (aka Necromayhem) mainman of Greek black metal legends Rotting Christ, on vocals. The song is an excellent mixture of modern metal and traditional 80’s heavy metal. The raging/growling vocals of Sakis Tolis blend perfectly with the clean Sabbath-influenced vocals of Mahakala’s mainman Jim. The animation video was created by HK Visual Creations.

Mahakala are:

Jim Kotsis – bass, vocals
John T. – guitars
Mikko Chris Vlachos – guitars
Hector.d – drums




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