Truckfighters & Fatso Jetson in L.A.: Live Review

By on 30 August 2013


Swedish stoner rockers Truckfighters made the pilgrimage over to California this week, and Terrorizer’s Joshua Sindell was there to bask in their fuzzy goodness…

27 August 2013

Truckfighters, Fatso Jetson

The Satellite, Los Angeles

For Sweden’s none-more-fuzzalicious Truckfighters to bring their desert-doom riffage to California, one could be forgiven for thinking this was a certain kind of coal/Newcastle delivery. As in, Kyuss were born only a short desert trek up the road, weren’t they?

We’ll get to that in a moment. Firstly, Fatso Jetson arrive wearing their purest punk-rock coating. (Sometimes they turn up in whacked-out jazz or moody blues outfits, as they’re rather unpredictable muso types.) This is a band that have been playing the clubs for more than 20 years, led by the desert-rock guru Mario ‘Boomer’ Lalli, a ferocious guitarist who was profoundly influenced the young Josh Homme. Despite their wild-card nature, they truly stun tonight.

In turn, it was Homme and his guitar tone that first blew the minds of Truckfighters, when they formed around a decade ago. But it’s their first time visiting their spiritual homeland – Southern California – and they receive a rousing welcome from an audience that’s clearly eager to see them smoke the joint, as it were, up close and personal. The trio’s sound is a thick and soupy, Kyuss-To-Burn thunderrama, but watching the fun that monster-bassist/vocalist Ozo and gurning, leaping guitarist Dango – or is it the Scorpions’ Rudolf Schenker? – have playing their groove-laden music is the show itself. It might be going out on a rather fragile limb, but we’ll say it: Truckfighters could just be the feel-good stoner-rock band of this, or any other, summer.

WORDS: Joshua Sindell

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