Throne EP Launch: Live Review

By on 11 June 2014


London doom trio Throne launched their new EP ‘Where Tharsis Sleeps’ in style last week, playing a show at Cob Studios & Gallery and showcasing each individually embroidered frame of their stunning new animated music video. We sent Angela Davey along to check it out, and here’s what she thought…



It’s been a long and arduous wait, but it’s actually happening – following a successful Kickstarter project, London three piece Throne have finally managed to bestow second EP ‘Where Tharsis Sleeps’ upon the world and tonight is a celebration of its launch. There aren’t many bands who can acquire such a loyal following having only put out a three track EP in the space of two years, however, Throne have sure managed it, turning the Cob Gallery into a figurative clown car. Whether it’s the free bar or the rare EP test pressings that are causing the squash is up for debate, but people are standing shoulder to shoulder and the atmosphere is tropical.


After having a chance to peruse the hundreds of hand embroidered frames featured in the band’s latest music video and watch them fall from the walls as they sound check, it’s finally time to fight the masses and find a space to watch ‘Where Tharsis Sleeps’ performed live in full. It’s a tight squeeze, but discomfort is quickly forgotten as the first riffs blast their way forth from the amps. Imagine someone took the vocals and energy from The Sword, then spliced them together with Sleep’s riffs and tempo and sped it up a tiny fraction – that is the only way to describe what is occurring on stage, other than “heavy as fuck”. Singalong number ‘Surface of Stone’ is a crowd pleaser, while closing number ‘Tharsis Sleeps’ causes an already packed room to erupt into an impromptu moshpit, leaving the audience sweaty but happy. Welcome back, Throne.

WORDS: Angela Davey

You can find Throne on Facebook.

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