The Morning After: Premonition 13

By on 2 December 2011

WHO: Premonition 13
WHERE: Purple Turtle, Camden, London
HOW’S THE HEAD/NECK/VOICE: trippy/wicked/cosmic
MOOD: Mellow

The Bangover Factor: 82% Cathedral

Does it really need saying that a Premonition 13 show leaves your neck muscles stiff and sore the next day? In case you’re in any doubt, of course it fucking does. Trying not to move to riffs as compulsive as theirs is an exercise in heroic futility. And if that’s not damaging enough, the crushingly heavy blues of Trippy Wicked And The Cosmic Children Of The Knight has your cervical spine sore before they even come on.

The Drenched-In-Smoke Number: 5/5 Scott Weinrichs

The spacey, atmospheric stonerisms of Enos as well as Trippy Wicked’s… well, trippy, wicked vibe make the room feel pretty foggy to begin with. And then Premonition 13 start playing, and Wino and co. create a thoroughly heady atmosphere that’s thoroughly intoxicating.

The Requisite Tightness Analogy: tighter than a naturist Eskimo’s nad sack at midnight in December

Trippy Wicked and Enos are bloody great. They do absolutely nothing wrong. But watching the headliners is a different story entirely. There’s that extra level of ease to the rhythmic syncronicity, and the chord changes are executed with an effortless precision that drives the groove that much harder.

The Musical Temperature: 34º C

It might be December (and fucking freezing) outside in London tonight, but there’s nothing cold, damp or wintery about the music in the Turtle. Premonition 13’s sun-drenched riffage and dusty vocals are exactly what the chilly metal fan needs to chase the ache from the bones. And move it into the neck and liver…

The Lasting Impression:

Yet another great band involving Wino put on yet another great show. What’s most impressive about them is their ability to play the whole set like it’s a jam while being utterly in sync, firing out killer riffs and generating thick ambience like it’s the easiest thing in the world. If after hearing the album you’re in any doubt as to why Wino needed to form a new act, check them out live and realise it’s because they’re fantastic. It also confirms that Enos are great fun, and that Trippy Wicked And The Cosmic Children Of The Knight are groovy and delightfully heavy. A great night.

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