The Morning After: Machine Head

By on 5 December 2011

WHO: Machine Head/Bring Me The Horizon
WHERE: Wembley Arena, London
HOW’S THE HEAD/NECK/VOICE: sore/throbbing/
MOOD: Broken yet satisfied

The Napalm Death/Iron Maiden ratio (fury of pits vs people singing along, each part out of 5):
BMTH: 5:3
Machine Head: 4:4

Bring Me The Horizon may have thinned the crowd significantly, but those who stayed created savage circle pits. Considering that the pumped audience were chanting ‘MACHINE FUCKING HEAD’ all night, when the Californian metal lords burst onstage everyone went bloody mental. Heads were banged, horns were raised and voices were ravaged.

The Frets-On-Fire Factor:
BMTH: 3 Karl Sanders /5
MH: 4/5

Serious shredding took place under the flashing lights of the night’s spectacle. More concerned with ferocity rather than technique, BMTH demolished their guitars with crushing brutality while the juicy riffs of Machine Head’s set stole the show.

The Superstar Quotient:
BMTH: 50%
MH: 90% Watain

Ollie Sykes clearly doesn’t give a fuck. He bounded around onstage, shoving middle fingers at the audience and encouraging them to do the same, but let’s face it, he’s never going to be a respected superstar. Robb Flynn on the other hand has risen to huge levels of superstardom, and the night showcased this. Not only did his vocals and riffs reach epic levels, but his warm words to the adoring audience indicate that he’s a pretty nice chap too.

The Grim Face/Smiley Face divide (AKA The Immortal/KISS Axis – out of 5):
BMTH: Neither Abbaths nor Simmons
MH: 4 Gene Simmons

BMTH weren’t grim, but rather vicious and full of rage in their musical delivery, while Machine Head were clearly thrilled to be there and raised an abundance of smiles from their supercharged fans.

The Lasting Impression

Considering that the majority of BMTH haters took to the bar while the Sheffield lads played their set, they managed to escape excess bottling/booing. As for Machine fuckin’ Head, they put on a stellar performance. The hit-packed set came in at just over an hour and a half and nicely spanned their career highlights, featuring ‘Locust’, ‘Halo’ and closing with ‘Davidian’.

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