The Morning After: Labrat

By on 14 May 2012

WHO: Labrat

WHERE: London Hope & Anchor

HOW’S THE HEAD/NECK/VOICE? Battered and stewed.

The Vibe

Bruisers, bikers, boozers and bearded baseball cap clad oiks pack the venue to the rafters for this reunion show from London’s beastliest boy band. There’s no guest list so no scenesters, liggers or hipsters, just those who want to relive the terror and carnage caught a decade ago in London’s much missed Devil’s Church and Braindead clubs, the bowels of which this cuntcore band were first shat out of.

The Riffs

All consuming, strident and acerbic with enough power behind them to make the ears bleed. Labrat literally  ruined it for everyone by rampaging through aggressive numbers in a flat out 30 minutes. With barely room to swing a cat it’s a wonder that this did not see anyone hospitalized. Having supported everyone from Eyehategod to Candlemass (on the same day) Labrat made as many friends as enemies. Luckily this was one show bottles were not flung at them.

The Hangover

Voracious and unfortunately garlic flavoured due to some road accident picked up on the way home in a desperate attempt to mop it up. Seriously, nowhere was safe from copious drinking at this riotous show not even the urinals as Labrat’s ‘Diary Of A Piss Drinker’ is a veritable classic. Quick pass a bucket!




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