The Morning After: Devin Townsend ‘Ki’

By on 11 November 2011

Lee Macbride went to see Devin Townsend play his ‘Ki’ show last night. Here’s what he found out.

WHO: The Devin Townsend Project
WHERE: ULU, London
HOW’S THE HEAD/NECK/VOICE: Moderate/fine/parched
MOOD: Stupefied

The Napalm Death/Iron Maiden ratio (fury of pits vs people singing along, each part out of 5): 0:3

‘Ki’ is a refrained album built on tension up until the ecstatic release. To pit would be just rude and idiotic – no! You must just stand there and soak up all that sonic wanderlust. There were moments to sing to, but people opted to just relax and enjoy the show. Quite rightly too.

The Frets-On-Fire Factor: 4 Karl Sanders/5

Devin is a unique and distinguished player and as such he would perform running solos and sweeps as if he were gently coaxing a kitten out of the tree. Beautiful stuff! It wasn’t without some heavy, muted riffing though to make sure we’re all awake still.

The Superstar Quotient: 100% Watain

Devin is a superstar with a heap load of charisma, it’s why people hang on his every joke and watch his very animated face. Even he can make a beautiful moment more relaxing. We could’ve watched him for hours! A standup career surely beckons.

The Grim face/Smiley face divide (AKA The Immortal/KISS Axis – out of 5): 5 Gene Simmons

Devin and his crowd are nothing but smiles. Faces of pure elation all around. It’s no wonder when that climax in ‘Ki’ erupts, you can’t help think of the scene in The Lion King where the baboon holds the baby cub aloft for all to see. Jaw droppingly immense.

The Lasting Impression:

An absolutely stunning performance and hard felt reminder of just how talented this man is. From the opening of ‘A Monday’ to the subdued waves of softness in ‘Demon League’ tonight was just an amazing experience and I’m glad I was a part of it.

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