The Morning After: Amorphis, Leprous, Nahemah

By on 28 November 2011

WHO: Amorphis, Leprous and Nahemah
WHERE: Islington Academy, London
HOW’S THE HEAD/NECK/VOICE: Fuzzy/stiff/scratchy
MOOD: Dreamy

The Napalm Death/Iron Maiden ratio (fury of pits vs people singing along, each part out of 5): The Opeth exemptions, all round

None of these bands are exactly the kind you sing along to and moshing like the people around you kicked your dog would just be wrong, but don’t for a second take that to mean the crowd wasn’t enraptured. Both support bands drew warm applause an great enthusiasm.

The Frets-On-Fire Factor:
Nahemah: 3 Karl Sanders/5
Leprous: 3/5
Amorphis: 4/5

It’s not quite Nilean levels of furious technicality, but there’s some real musicianship on display, particularly in the magical clean leads of the headliners. And the soaring quality of the vocals on display from all the acts is as impressive as any shreading.

The Superstar Quotient:
Nahemah: 72% Watain
Leprous: 81%
Amorphis: 84%

The Spaniards opening with their proggy, atmospheric death metal has an impressive character to it, and the Norwegians in their dark suits have a real charisma and energy to them, backing up their combination of crush and texture with a show that looks like it belongs on stage. But Tomi Joutsen is the star of the night by a long chalk – you’re not watching anyone else when he’s on stage.

The Grim face/Smiley face divide (AKA The Immortal/KISS Axis – out of 5):
Nahemah: 2 Abbaths
Leprous: 3 Abbaths and 2 Gene Simmons
Amorphis: 4 Gene Simmons

Nahemah are dark and lush, although not exactly what you’d call grim – they more sweep you with a feeling of calm. Leprous on the other hand switch between uplifting and properly crushing, pushing the corners of your mouth down and your eyebrows together in appreciation. And if you aren’t grinning like a simpleton all the way through Amorphis, you’re probably in cardiac arrest.

The special award: Most likely to physically injure someone with your windmilling, Tomi Joutsen

Windmilling always looks cool and fierce. When someone’s doing it with dreads five feet long, it looks like it could take someone’s arm off at the elbow. Metal as fuck!

The lasting impression:

Nahemah are an under appreciated act who need more love, given their quality, and Leprous bely their tender years with some powerful music. But nothing was going to stop Amorphis owning tonight – the songs are enormous, and delivered with real precision and passion, sweeping over you like a warm wave and generally being wonderful. Bloody brilliant evening, all told – now to get into work the next day and be able to talk…

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