The Defiled live at The Leopard, 30th May 2013

By on 31 May 2013

London noise mongers The Defiled brought their middle finger metal assault to the humble confines of Doncaster’s The Leopard. Terrorizer’s Ross Baker bore witness…

 The Defiled - Doncaster

Tucked away a few yards from the train station, Doncaster’s The Leopard is not a venue which screams rock n’ roll glamour yet tonight this old boozer plays host to one of Britain’s most hardworking bands.

While the surroundings may be less than enticing with only thirty odd punters in the small upstairs live room, London industrialists The Defiled still treat this like there were 3,000 baying fans clamouring for their attention. ‘Sleeper’ is a confident opener with frontman Stitch D pogoing madly. The sound mix is somewhat muddy yet the soaring chorus of ‘The Resurrectionists’ is embraced heartily by the audience.

Stagecraft has always been their strong point yet only now is the band delivering the tunes to back up the hyperbole which lingers around them; the more organic direction of their newer songs holds up far better in the live arena. “We’re The Defiled and we’re a bunch of cunts” sneers Keyboard player The AvD in response to the applause which greets the band between tracks, for all their cocksure swagger you still get the feeling there is a self deprecating black humour about them which gives the music that subtle edge needed.

The Defiled - Doncaster

While still tinkering and fine tuning their sound, they have become a well drilled and focused unit possessing a real gang-like feel about the way they command the stage and the absolute attention of their audience, battle hardened from constant touring The Defiled are a slick live outfit who go about their craft with dedication, but, the set is largely similar to their recent shows on the Jägermeister Music Tour, with a couple of extra numbers from new offering ‘Daggers’.

While lacking adventure in terms of songs the band choose to air, there is clearly something more venomous, yet rarefied, about the way they attack their instruments since their recent deal with Nuclear Blast – which has clearly fanned the flames of creativity. More focused and direct, the band are beginning to find themselves a way to side step the comparisons to Rob Zombie and Slipknot.

There are still some generic moments like ‘As I Drown’, which sticks to that formula, but one has to admire a band with the stones to come fresh off a sellout tour with Ghost and Gojira to tread the boards at unassuming venues such as this. On the strength of these performances clearly the exquisitely presented quintet will be bringing their bold make up and military gothic presentation to much grander confines than this.

As the dying bars of “Call To Arms” ring out it’s safe to say all the hard work will be paying off sooner rather than later.

Words & Photos: Ross Baker


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