Terrorizer Reports Back From UK Tech-Fest 2014

By on 16 July 2014


Last weekend saw a whole host of prog, djent and tech-metal favourites (such as Sikth, Monuments and Destrage) descend upon Newark Showground for UK Tech-Fest 2014, comprising four days of mind boggling musical madness. Our very own Amy Harris was there, and here’s what she reckoned…

2014 marks the hat trick for this one of a kind festival, this year taking place at The Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire. The two stages are in two massive hangars, adjoined by another housing the merch and one extremely busy bar (Tez doesn’t need to tell you how much metal folk can drink!). The camping surrounds these directly and there are PLUMBED toilets – this is already a festival experience unlike any other.

The festival line up boasts many of this growing genre’s up and comers as well as some who have already begun making their mark, and those who pioneered this kind of music years ago, Sunday headliners Sikth being the fore runners.

Sadly Tez could only make it there on the Saturday, but we are reliably informed that Thursday and Friday had smashed it, with drunk, happy people sporting ‘Tech Vest’ erm, vests, lazing on the grass or sweating it out in the hangars, in the very active pits formed for pretty much every band.

If we told you we didn’t get too drunk to remember it all in great detail, it would be a blatant lie, so here are our stand out moments of the weekend…

Saturday saw The Algorithm turn a metal festival into a full on rave, and if you think you can’t mosh to hard and heavy electro music you’d be very wrong. The crowd  are inexplicably throwing oranges around and people couldn’t be happier, this band continue to win over every crowd each time they play and this set was no exception. It was particularly funny when they gave a special nod to James Monteith of Tesseract fame causing much mirth among the crowd.



Saturday headliners Monuments are plagued by technical difficulties as the bass drum ended up being nailed to the floor, but frontman Chris Barretto handles the crowd exceptionally well, telling shit jokes and doing some awesome things with crowd interaction. When they do get to play songs though, it’s amazing and the crowd go wild. His voice sounds incredible in the closed environment and songs from the recently released ‘The Amanunensis’ are just as awesome live as they are on record. If you’ve never seen this band, go and see this band.
Sunday marks the UK debut from Destrage, an Italian band who burst into our consciousness at the beginning of this year with their third studio album ‘Are You Kidding Me? No’. A good size crowd has turned out for their 3pm slot and, although there are clearly many suffering from a hangover in the room, it doesn’t stop the infectious sound of the bonkers metal moving feet and nodding heads. One enthusiastic fan has even dressed up as a marathon running zombie as a nod to the video ‘My Green Neighbour’ which pleases the band immensely. They plough through a relentless set of sheer fun and energy and everyone leaves happy and a definite convert to their unique brand of crazy.

Sikth close the festival in style, sounding better than ever. The hangar is packed and the pit is mental, amid screams of ‘PUSSYFOOT’ everyone is engaged and lost in this moment, many of us grateful that they have returned after a looooong hiatus. If you missed their comeback show at Download, all is forgiven as we are even treated to one of Mikee’s famous spoken word passages with the crowd answering every line like an awesome, drunk church of weird.

Overall, the best thing about Tech Fest is that it’s a genre driven crowd, and the sense of all being in it together is palpable. Small but mighty, it will go from strength to strength and Tez will be there all the way.


Words: Amy Harris

For more information about Tech-Fest, you can follow the event on Facebook and Twitter.

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