By on 2 May 2011

The Devonshire Arms has once again thrown open its doors to the rabble fighting tooth and nail to get a good spot at the front of the stage; it’s time for Grindhouse, folks. Opium and absinthe are replaced by Golden Virginia and pints of ale, but this does nothing to dampen the atmosphere created by Ethernal and A Forest Of Stars.

Giving a performance described by one crowd member as “tight as fuck”, Ethernal are on top form and  in a league completely of their own – complex instrumentals and vocals that have just the tiniest hint of thrash, these UK black metallers have provided the perfect appetizer in preparation for what’s to come next.

A Forest Of Stars provide a spooky and traditional Victorian feel to an atmosphere that is already electrically charged from Ethernal’s set. Blood curdling vocals that send shivers down the spine are teamed with harrowing guitars and tribal drums – the violin is the cherry on top of all this. Truly magnificent, there is an odd sophistication to this band; they could be performing an occultist ritual on the stage and no one would mind. They are gracious enough to relent to the crowd’s demands for an encore and leave their audience speechless.

No one can be in any doubt that this has been the best Grindhouse of the year so far.

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