Red Fang at The Troubadour: Live Review

By on 17 October 2013

Red Fang "Whales and Leeches" press photos 2013

Portland’s stoner metal titans Red Fang are currently trekking across America as part of their extensive world tour. Terrorizer’s Joshua Sindell caught the quartet tearing up The Troubadour in L.A. last week, and here’s what he made of the experience…

Red Fang

The Troubadour, Los Angeles

The buzz on Oregonian sludgsters Red Fang is currently so electric that people in attendance tonight are practically congratulating themselves at having the good fortune in seeing the band in what will be most certainly known in the very near future as “an intimate setting”. One thing’s for certain: The four-piece group’s new album, ‘Whales And Leeches’, exhibits the musicians’ best-ever material to date.

The bearded Portlanders are anchored well by drummer John Sherman, who creates a fine bed for the dual-guitar attack of Bryan Giles and the grizzled David Sullivan. As with Torche, Red Fang have nicely emphasised, appealing hooks under a howling din, often coming across like the Melvins or Tad if either of them bothered with being catchy, or even Baroness before they mellowed out.

With Giles and bassist Aaron Beam’s voices raging in unison on most tunes, they create a vocal maelstrom unlike bands with a single lead singer. ‘Blood Like Cream’ is tonight’s standout jam, but ‘Crows In Swine’ is also of distinction, with Red Fang unveiling guest-keyboardist Roger Manning (of Jellyfish/Imperial Drag fame) for a one-night-only appearance, who replicates his studio work on the album. In a surprising turn of events, the band receives a rapturous demand from the usually laid-back Angeleno audience for a seemingly spontaneous encore of ‘Good To Die’. Miss them at your peril.

WORDS: Joshua Sindell

You can find Red Fang on Facebook. For more information about the upcoming European leg of their tour, click here.

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