By on 20 June 2010

Abigail Williams do not look happy, in fact they look exhausted. It doesn’t help that they are having guitar problems and the drum triggers are way too loud and the whole set sounds messy. They have also dispensed with their keyboard player and tonight their sound lacks the extra layer the keys created, and the modern black metal whirlwind that they produced live before is lost to a bad sound and technical difficulties.

Eric Rutan bounds out and immediately fills the stage with his enthusiastic presence. It’s just a shame that once again, a poor sound saps whatever energy Hate Eternal are putting into their set. The drum triggers are once again too loud and the guitar and bass are muddled and any subtlety is lost in the whirlwind mix. Hate Eternal do play their hearts out though and, if the sound had been good, would have been on fine form.

Triggered drums are also the bane of Nile’s set and within 45 seconds of the first song it all goes quiet and the atmosphere built up is wasted. A couple of minutes of frantic fixing ensue and Nile are back up and running. Thankfully, the sound is great and Nile’s precision death metal cuts through flawlessly.

With the light glinting off Dallas Toler-Wade’s freshly shaven head, Nile set about delivering a set of intense death. Until, that is, those damned drum triggers break again, still, little could stop the onslaught. It’s not without some humour too as Dallas gets the audience to deliver their best death metal roar, not once but three times, much to the amusement of Karl  Sanders who can’t stop grinning, and who can blame him? Nile are probably the best live death metal band out there.

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